Cameron’s Trip to the Dentist

I have a guest blogger this week – my husband, Cameron! He had some exciting experiences this month, so I asked him to share one with you all. Enjoy!…

A few months ago, while eating at our favorite little stir fry shack in the village across the street, owned by our local friend, I pinched a bit of rice together with my chopsticks. As soon as I bit into the soft, slightly sticky rice, I heard a crunch and felt a crumbling feeling in my mouth. Not good. Sometimes cheap rice still has pebbles in it that has not been sifted out. As I spit out the pieces of whatever it was in my mouth, I realized it was my tooth. Not good, especially since I HATE the dentist and basically need full BEVO style, game-day sedation just to get my teeth cleaned.

When we got home, I looked in the mirror and realized about 1/2 of one of my molars was missing.  Naturally, as anyone who hates the dentist can relate with, I pretended it would just go away. That’s not how teeth work apparently.

Fast forward a couple months, it became pretty painful so I figured it was time to do something. We don’t have any decent dentists here in our small city, assuming you would agree with me that the guy who sells shoes in the vegetable market and has a dental set up behind the cash register is not considered “decent.” I checked with some friends about flying to the next biggest city in China which is an hour away by plane, but no one knew of any good dentists there either. Since I really needed a skilled dentist who I could trust to do a root canal, my next cheapest and nearest option was to fly out of the country to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After a few weeks of searching, I found a cheap ticket down to Chiang Mai, to get it taken care of. As long as I didn’t leave mid-treatment, which I have been known to do in the past, Jennifer agreed to let me make the trip and maybe even let me steal a couple of Xanax, which she was prescribed for flight anxiety.

Long story short, it all went surprisingly well. I had 4 appointments over two days. I may have taken a bit too much Xanax for the root canal though. The appointment was at 5pm. I remember feeling wonderful afterwards. I even remember eating some sushi and walking back to the little AirBnB, I had rented. In the morning, however, I woke up surrounded by a roomful of Fruit Mentos wrappers. I neither remember buying them nor eating them, and if I called or texted you that night, please don’t hold me responsible for what I said (kidding). The good news is, now I’m back home with a brand new tooth.

The day before returning home from Thailand, after my last appointment, in order to prove that “I’ve still got it,” I decided to go on a 7 mile hike, which someone online described as “like climbing on a muddy stair master towards the top of the climb.” The muddy stair master section ended up taking me a couple of hours to hike. I climbed that thing like my life depended on it. When I arrived at the top, I was wringing wet, covered in mosquito bites, and barfed curry breakfast sausage for ten minutes while unassuming Thai and Chinese tourists who’d taken tuk-tuks up the mountain watched in disgust. That’s fine though because, at 36, I’ve still got it.

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